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Evidently, WMass don't matter

I am really angered by the fact that whenever I post something about Western
Massachusetts, not one person on this darn list cares one bit. No one ever
replies, when you see "Springfield" or "Western Mass" you just hit the
delete button. Just like the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority and the
government of our state, raising tolls and taxes for Western Massachusetts
for things that need to be done in the Eastern part of the state. Obviously,
in all aspects of life, we, your hardest working people, the only place in
Massachusetts where there is considerable farmland and country, old-time
values.. I talk about Western Massachusetts and nobody cares. I realize that
this is a "Boston" radio-interest list, but the mission of the list does say
stuff about Springfield. I would appreciate if you read WMass' people's
posts and took the time to respond. The people of Western Mass are very
hardworking, and should not be punished for things happening in the eastern
part of the state. The hardworking, interested radio DXers out here would
really appreciate it if one person east of Worcester cared about us.

I didn't know the state ended at Worcester.