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Re: Evidently, WMass don't matter

Adam - don't take it personally on two points:

1.  There have been more than a few times where I wrote a post and it 
went nowhere...or I responded to a post and the topic ended with me - no 
biggie.  Esp. for those of us who don't listen to Central or Western MA 
radio (OK, I'm guilty...I can hear WXLO and will stop for a Huey Lewis 
song on occasion.), why would we post/reply to something most of us know 
next to nothing about?

2. I was in Worcester today...which most of us Massachusetts residents 
know is Central MA, and that's all I heard from the "locals"...that we 
here in Eastern MA forget about you fine folks in Central/Western MA. 
 Anywhere outside Rte 495 in Massachusetts is great - why encourage the 
masses here to go there and mess it up for you locals?

Again - nothing personal - I normally wouldn't post about anything I 
can't hear or for that matter know nothing about.  

Marc Lemay

Patriotsrule417@prodigy.net wrote:

>I am really angered by the fact that whenever I post something about Western
>Massachusetts, not one person on this darn list cares one bit. No one ever
>replies, when you see "Springfield" or "Western Mass" you just hit the
>delete button. Just like the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority and the
>government of our state, raising tolls and taxes for Western Massachusetts
>for things that need to be done in the Eastern part of the state. Obviously,
>in all aspects of life, we, your hardest working people, the only place in
>Massachusetts where there is considerable farmland and country, old-time
>values.. I talk about Western Massachusetts and nobody cares. I realize that
>this is a "Boston" radio-interest list, but the mission of the list does say
>stuff about Springfield. I would appreciate if you read WMass' people's
>posts and took the time to respond. The people of Western Mass are very
>hardworking, and should not be punished for things happening in the eastern
>part of the state. The hardworking, interested radio DXers out here would
>really appreciate it if one person east of Worcester cared about us.
>I didn't know the state ended at Worcester.