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Re: Evidently, WMass don't matter

On Sat, 17 Nov 2001 Patriotsrule417@prodigy.net wrote:

> replies, when you see "Springfield" or "Western Mass" you just hit the
> delete button. Just like the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority and the

Excuse me while I hit the "Delete" key.  It's the one right next to the
"any" key.  Anyway.  Just because nobody responds to your posts doesn't
mean people don't read them or are interested.  

I live in NYC and can't pick up any Boston-area stations (except for The
Zone -AM 1510, and that's only sometimes).  WBZ getz killed by 10-10 WINS
and WEVD-1050, WRKO and WHDH (sorry, it's WEEI now, right? :) ) don't
even make it down here either. I wish I could pick up WJIB, but THAT'S a

Hence, you won't see me commenting on a lot of stuff. Why?
Because I can't hear what is being talked about, just like another member
said earlier.  That doesn't mean I'm not interested.  I've been in Boston
a couple of times and so sort of have an idea of what's on the dial.  This
just helps me keep up with what's going on.  

P.S. Anyone know what WSBS-Great Barrington is doing these days?  

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