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Re: Jackass,Viacom&CBS

> > Wasn't this the way it has been for 60 years or so with little or no
> > problems?
> No.  It led to many stations finding ways to meet the letter of the rules
> without serving anyone by running "public service" shows at 5 AM on Sunday
> morning.

As opposed to now where they don't do anything along those lines?

Again, like I said....they did so with little or no problem.  The Union
survived.  I hope you won't debate wether there was more public service
programming then or now.

> It also led to regulations like the "fairness doctrine" that discouraged
> stations from discussing issues because they could be forced to give time
> the other side.

I think your complaint about the 'fairness doctrine' is just a bunch of
rhetoric.  There were many more substantive issues being discussed then than
there are now.  There were more news and talk stations and programming on
the air...quite often multiple ones within a market.  (In all my years
within the industry, I can't say I've seen one case where someone shied away
from a news story or current events discussion. saying "uh-oh...there's that
fairness doctrine!...we better not take on this issue!".  Great stations
like WBZ operated fine within the confines of the fairness doctrine.)

> There is no way a bureaucrat in DC
> can accurately judge whether a station is serving the public interest.
> the bureaucrat can do is make sure the right boxes have been checked on
> forms and the right hoops have been jumped through, or respond to an
> organized license challenge against the broadcaster.

Unless of course there was a challenge to a license based on their "service"
and responsibilites...then they would have to substatiate their operation
and respond to the charges...

And stand before a judge and defend his operation.

The Union surived....and democracy was not threatened.

> > If I understand your argument...if operated a radio station advocating
> > hatred against Jews, Blacks, Gays....that would be fine with you...as
> > as he got a big market share.
> It's OK by me even if they don't get a big market share.

I have no further questions your honor!

I think this perspective puts you outside the mainstream...and not in touch
with how the public would  like to see their airwaves used.

> What you call extreme ideology, I call principles.  Principles that our
> forefathers fought to defend.  Principles that people today take for
> and are too willing to see eroded.

What I see as paranoia.  Circle the wagons!

Again, we operated with these concepts of "service and responsibility" for
60+ years...the democracy was not threatened, broadcasting florished,
profits were made, etc.

I don't see cause for paranoia.

> In my opinion, free speech rights should apply to broadcasters in the same
> way they apply to newspaper and magazine publishers.

In the case of newspaper and magazines....as long as they want to foot the
bill for and there is no shortage of papyrus...they can print all the
nonsense they want.

If there was a limited supply of paper and the public owned all the
paper...then yes, we would have to have some standards for deciding who the
public want using the paper.  And who was using the limited resources in the
public interest and making good use of a limited commodity.  (But of course,
that is not the case with paper, magazines or newspaper...it IS the case
with broadcasting.  The broadcast band is finite and in most cases
filled....There are also competiting applicants for limited spectrum)

In broadcasting....the licensees should operate on the valuable limited
public property (the spectrum) in the public interest....as a public

This is the precept that we operated under for a long time...and who's
rights were violated?

Funny, this entire discussion started because you objected to the idea that
the broadcaster has to act responsibly in how he operates his station.  (Not
an extreme postion on my part by any means.)


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