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Re: Jackass,Viacom&CBS

> Let's go back to where this discussion started and see how extreme your
> position is:
> Should broadcasters be held legally liable because someone imitates
> something they see on TV?
> That idea is pretty extreme and scary to me.

Or my question:

Should broadcasters be concern over using the airwaves responsibly...or
should their ONLY concern be getting the largest market share as possible?

That latter idea is pretty scary to me.

> I also think people who blame TV and movies for school shootings, teen
> pregnancy, drug use, ect.  are pretty extreme.

For you it seems to be a "blame game"...it's all or nothing.
It's either someone's fault....or all someone else's fault.

My position is really not so extreme.  I'm saying there are a LOT of things
that contribute to the sad situations like the school shooting.

The fact that there are so many elements is evident in how hard some of
these crazy situations and events are to eradicate and curtail.

If it WAS just TV...or JUST parents...we could address the problem easily.
But it's many factors.

And as part of the equation, there's no denying the influence that TV


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