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Re: Re: WBNW patterns (former: Red Sox Spanish Play By Play)

    In spite of Jeff's (good?) intentions, two wrongs
never equal a right.  The 1120 signal is a flagrant
violator over the past several years.  I am sure that
Mr. Kajunski is well aware of the problem and
eventually the guys at Batterymarch Park will check it
out.  I am sure they frequent this mailing list,
    And Jeff, it might be a good NOT to tinker with
the patterns of WBNW via remote control.  There is
something in the Rules and Regs about unauthorized
tampering with a radio station's parameters without
permission.  (Subject to a fine or suspension of
permit or both).  Thank you.


--- Joseph Pappalardo <joepappalardo2001@yahoo.com> 
> Regardless of WBNW's problems....the thought of you
> working at one of my
> stations is scary!
> From:  "Jeffrey Gill" <folkimage@yahoo.com>
> > ....demotes the last
> > staff member
> > experienced in broadcast operations (yours truly),
> and
> [snip]
> > If you don't
> > punish a naughty child for inappropriate behavior,
> > he'll try to get away
> > with more and more of it.
> [snip]
> > For many years, the transmitter of the 1120
> operation
> > had telephone
> > remote control capacity
> [snip]
> > One evening about six months ago, I found myself
> so
> > pissed over WBNW's
> > flagrant violation of their nighttime operating
> > authority, I decided to
> > dig up the old codes to see if they still worked.
> > I would often
> > change the power and
> > pattern from right here at home, especially on
> > weekends.

Peter Q. George (K1XRB)
Whitman, Massachusetts
                           "Scanning the bands since 1967"

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