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Re: Re: WBNW patterns (former: Red Sox Spanish Play By Play)

For someone who claims "experience in broadcast operations" it's amazing how
the "naughty child" analogy seems to fit.

Regardless of WBNW's problems....the thought of you working at one of my
stations is scary!

From:  "Jeffrey Gill" <folkimage@yahoo.com>

> ....demotes the last
> staff member
> experienced in broadcast operations (yours truly), and
> If you don't
> punish a naughty child for inappropriate behavior,
> he'll try to get away
> with more and more of it.
> For many years, the transmitter of the 1120 operation
> had telephone
> remote control capacity
> One evening about six months ago, I found myself so
> pissed over WBNW's
> flagrant violation of their nighttime operating
> authority, I decided to
> dig up the old codes to see if they still worked.
> I would often
> change the power and
> pattern from right here at home, especially on
> weekends.

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