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Re: Jackass,Viacom&CBS

> Yes, that typical elitist attitude.  We can't give the public what they
> want, we have to give the public what WE think they need because WE know
> better.

Gee have I advocated that in my postings?

I have only tried to introduce the term "responsibility" into the
discussion...and look at the wide range of extreme responses it evokes.

For some reason that word scares you to death.

> If you are getting the largest market share possible, you must be using
> airwaves responsibly...

Can I quote you on that?

Largest shares = largest profits = responsibility?

(I'd make another comment about your political leanings....but you wouldn't
take it in the 'good fun' that I mean it.)  :-)

I would also like to see you respond to jibguys challenge to your thoughts.



In a message dated 6/1/01 11:28:48 PM, Jibguy writes:

We all know that the media will not set any standards for itself at all
(unless they fear possible stricter government-set or court-set standards).
So, without any courtroom- or government-set standards, WHO WILL set any
standards?    You DO say that you believe there should be standards........
You say the broadcasters SHOULD .... (they won't)
You say the courtroom SHOULDN'T
You say the government SHOULDN'T.
I'm confused......


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