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Re: Job consolidation at the top

From: "Sean Smyth" <ssmyth@suscom.net>

> WNEW seems to have been a disaster for the past decade (or not long after
> Infinity/CBS bought it), never able to figure out what it's supposed to be
> and never able to make that transition into modern rock that WBCN pulled
> in the mid-1990s. It's a shame that a once-heritage station has been
> like so.

I think WNEW is in the predicament of being in a big market owned by a big
company...and there are too many cooks making the soup.  I had heard a few
years ago that Stern was upset at 'NEW's choice of a morning show....as he
didn't want anyone competing...with a similar act.  I had heard he griped
directly to Mel.

So...WNEW (the hot talker) could put on the morning show because WXRK's
(Triple A?) morning show would be miffed.  (???)   ...and that seems to be
the reason WNEW always had lackluster morning shows.

How many executives did it take to decide this?

I always wondered why the just didn't put move Stern over to WNEW.


> Staying on the topic of Infinity and WINS: recently when I've listened to
> KYW Philadelphia I've been hearing the same "give us 22 minutes and we'll
> give you the world" riff that has graced WINS for years. Is Infinity
> starting to do some common-branding of its all-news outlets (save, of
> course, maybe WCBS)? Could this be popping up on WBZ during the day
> soon?