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Re: Job consolidation at the top

Joseph Pappalardo wrote:
> > WNEW seems to have been a disaster for the past decade (or not long after
> > Infinity/CBS bought it), never able to figure out what it's supposed to be
> > and never able to make that transition into modern rock that WBCN pulled
>off in the mid-1990s. It's a shame that a once-heritage station has been
>reduced like so.
>I think WNEW is in the predicament of being in a big market owned by a big
>company...and there are too many cooks making the soup.
>So...WNEW (the hot talker) could put on the morning show because WXRK's
>(Triple A?) morning show would be miffed.  (???)   ...and that seems to be
>the reason WNEW always had lackluster morning shows.
>How many executives did it take to decide this?

WNEW was a dog long before Infinity bought it.  They may have been long on 
heritage, but the station was so unfocused (and so many big ego jocks who 
had near complete autonomy over their show) that they never pulled any 
numbers to speak of.  Read Richard Neer's book "FM" for an inside look at 
this station.  They were like WBCN in the 70s...they had the heritage, but 
WCOZ always whupped them in the ratings.