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Hypothetically speaking...in NH...

    OK, here's  a tech question for Dan and anyone else that feels like
chiming in....

A few of my radio geek freinds were talking about what it would take to have
1 AM station that would cover the entire state of NH. (ala WBZ-ish)

Outside of the limitation of frequencies available, what would it take?

I proposed a large 'tear-drop' pattern from a location maybe a little west
of Concord...like Hopkinton?

With he sugested pattern....could/would a 50KW signal reach to the White
Mtns?  Could it reach the East borders of the state?  Could it reach the
seacost?  (I guess to simplify things...I'm speaking of Daytime operation.)

I've always thought that NH was ripped off when it came to signals covering
the state.  (WBZ probably covers more of NH that any one signal from within

Thoughts, comments?  Dan?