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WNTN Radio Host Obit

I wasn't searching it out, but the bold headline for an obit in today's (01/22) Boston Herald caught my eye.  It was for a gentleman named
Patrick Twohig of Norfolk, Mass who died Saturday at the tender age of 59.
The headline read: "Patrick J. Twohig...executive, radio host."
His full-time job was as an executive at Sun Life Financial in Wellesley, Mass.
The obit also noted that he was the host of the "Sounds of Erin" broadcast on "the Irish station, WNTN in Newton."  That's the Herald's
verbiage...WNTN is multi-ethnic of course.  I didn't see a reference elsewhere
so I thought I'd post it to the B.R.I.G. in case anyone was interested.

Laurence Glavin

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