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Re: Re:Hypothetically speaking...in NH...

Well, I think you're wrong--quite wrong. The cost of building a new AM is quite 
high. In the northeast especially, frequencies are unavailable; the only way to 
get them is to take other stations dark, which involves buying them or paying 
off the owners. And then you can wait decades for zoning and environmental 
approvals. Building new AMs (and for the most part, upgrading existing ones) is 
just not an option in this part of the country. If an upgrade involves a COL 
change, you have to wait for the FCC to open one of its "filing windows," which 
literally can last only a day and occur once in a blue moon. The last one 
occurred about three years ago. That was when WRCA and what was then WSRO 
applied to move to Watertown and WKOX applied to move to Newton.

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> --- Dan Strassberg <dan.strassberg@att.net> wrote:
> > --especially since it's a
> > lot cheper to add
> > stations to the simulcast? 
> I would think it is much more expensive to buy an
> entire station just to simulcast...or to upgrade one
> station.
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