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Re: Entercom imposes contract on AFTRA

"tony schinella" <radiotony@attbi.com> writes:
> I am still there Sean, and frankly, love it. The money isn't an issue for
> because I actually love showing up to work.

I loved doing what I was doing, too, which is why I stayed there as long as
I did (and probably would have stayed were it not for needing a degree).
There does come a time where realism must trump idealism, though. I know
many former co-workers who were good journalists and are now in PR and
advertising because they had to pay off lots and lots of student loans, take
care of their spouse and maybe some kids, etc.

Congrats on the promotion, by the way.

> However, do I like what is going on in the media world? No. Would I like
> more money, absolutely. But my point even mentioning this was that I don't
> think Entercomm is given them bad money - if you are doing what you love
> making more money than most people, how can you complain? You don't have
> like the situation but it could be much worse.

I agree with you and that was the jist of my post as well (or what I was
trying to say!). However, if you feel you are being paid, you will likely
also feel underappreciated, therefore reducing morale and making the office
a crappy place to work. In turn, employees might turn out crappy product. If
companies in all forms of business could only be a little less short-sighted
and realize constant turnover and low employee morale will likely drag the
place down in the long run. Not everyone can have the same (more positive)
outlook that you do.