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Re: Entercom imposes contract on AFTRA

On Thu, 23 Jan 2003 19:04:04 -0500 "tony schinella" <radiotony@attbi.com>
> First off, I didn't say they were only working six minutes, I said 
> they were
> only on the air for six minutes.

So you only have to pay people for the actual time on air?

> I know what goes on in WRKO's news department since I have been over 
> there
> to cut ads before. But most of the work is behind the scene, 
> preparing text
> or working on stories, not broadcasting for an hour, that was my 
> point. 

Most of a reporter/anchor's job is done off-air yep, and you are paying
for their expertise both on the air and off air.  I have also observed
the anchors/reporters at WRKO and they are among the best still working
in the business.

> well, some of the "talent" aren't even making $100,000 at WRKO so 
> why would
> the news reporter make over $50,000 and why would they cry about 
> making
> between $43-50k when most in the industry either AREN'T working or 
> find work - in addition, even more people in other industries aren't
> working?

So you want to penalize an experienced professional because people in
other industries are unemployed?  I fail to see the logic in this one,
should everyone take a pay cut when the unemployment figures go up?  Does
everyone get a pay raise when unemployment is down?   As for some of the
"talent" not making 100K a year, what has that got to do with hiring the
best talent available for news?    WRKO afterall bills itself as a News
and Talk station.

> From the Citizen's Housing and Planning Association: "In the Boston
> metropolitan area, a family needs to earn $42,040 annually to afford 
> an
> average 2 bedroom apartment and $52,560 to afford an average 3 
> bedroom
> apartment."
> But what this doesn't take into account is that the majority of 
> people in
> Boston don't live alone or on one salary - they have roommates or 
> sign-oths
> who also work, lowering the amount of money ONE person needs to live 
> in the
> metro area to earn. 

That means if you are married with children, just to afford an apartment
you have to give up hope of sending you kid(s) to college, or buying a
home, or taking vacations...because you can forget about saving money and
getting ahead.  

The average wage in Massachusetts in 2000 was 
> $44,326,
> according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. So, the average wage 
> earner
> could easily afford a two-bedroom in the metro area, by themselves.

I don't have the document in front of me, but you might be looking at the
average Household income.  That is a far cry from the per capita income
which I believe in Massachusetts is slightly over 20K

> However, rents are thankfully coming down. I saw a two bedroom 
> apartment in
> Winchester last week for $1,400. I knew about a three bedroom in 
> Arlington
> for $1,500 that was recently rented by an acquaintance. We pay 
> $1,000 for a
> two bedroom in Somerville and had a big one bedroom in Mission Hill 
> for
> $1,000 two years ago. So, if you look, you can find a bargain.
> Housing costs aren't really the point to all this. The point is, 
> what will
> you do to work in an industry you want to work in? Some people have 
> to take
> pay cuts or freezes to fend layoffs. Isn't it worth it if you love 
> your job?

Gosh, now I feel guilty, I guess I'll be giving my paycheck back