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Re: Entercom imposes contract on AFTRA

I am still there Sean, and frankly, love it. The money isn't an issue for me
because I actually love showing up to work.
However, do I like what is going on in the media world? No. Would I like
more money, absolutely. But my point even mentioning this was that I don't
think Entercomm is given them bad money - if you are doing what you love and
making more money than most people, how can you complain? You don't have to
like the situation but it could be much worse.

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> <throwing on flame suit beforehand>
> >> On Thu, 23 Jan 2003 19:04:04 -0500 "tony schinella"
> >> <radiotony@attbi.com> writes:
> >>> First off, I didn't say they were only working six minutes, I said
> >>> they were
> >>> only on the air for six minutes.
> >>
> >> Dave:
> >> So you only have to pay people for the actual time on air?
> >>
> >> Tony:
> >>> I know what goes on in WRKO's news department since I have been over
> >>> there
> >>> to cut ads before. But most of the work is behind the scene,
> >>> preparing text
> >>> or working on stories, not broadcasting for an hour, that was my
> >>> point.
> >>
> >> Dave:
> >> Most of a reporter/anchor's job is done off-air yep, and you are
> >> paying for their expertise both on the air and off air.  I have also
> >> observed the anchors/reporters at WRKO and they are among the best
> >> still working in the business.
> Tony and I have a different perspective on this (coming from the newspaper
> world) but let me say that I'd be thrilled to read news and work in the
> office for $45k. I did many of the same duties (and then some) when
> as a sports writer for CNC, er, Cheapo Newspaper Company (except go
> of course) for less than half the wage. Tony does many of the same things
> now working as an editor of a weekly (if he's still where I think he is).
> Just giving you some perspective here...
> Now, should the salary be higher? Yes. Can people live on it by
> Probably not. Many people in the media (including newspapers) with similar
> experience are making nowhere near that amount that Entercom is starting
> though, and would jump at the chance to take it. As Dan alluded to, it's
> about supply and demand.
> >> Dave:
> >> That means if you are married with children, just to afford an
> >> apartment you have to give up hope of sending you kid(s) to college,
> >> or buying a home, or taking vacations...because you can forget about
> >> saving money and getting ahead.
> I don't think so. There's a lovely thing called financial aid that
> seems to benefit kids whose families don't have much in the way of assets
> are in debt. I'd argue that the poorer you are after a certain point, the
> easier it gets to finance your education through Pell Grants and other
> need-based aid.
> >> Dave:
> >> Gosh, now I feel guilty, I guess I'll be giving my paycheck back
> Don't feel guilty...maybe some of us are just too jaded and cynical on
> topic.