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Re: Entercom imposes contract on AFTRA

Sorry Bill, I was being facetious. :-)

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From: "Bill O'Neill" <billo@shoreham.net>
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Sent: Thursday, January 23, 2003 10:27 PM
Subject: RE: Entercom imposes contract on AFTRA

> Tony writes:
> Hell,
> > I still do radio for free [!] and I make a fraction of
> > that working as a
> > newspaper editor. I would gladly read radio news for $43,000.
> It's not about the "read."  It's about the "reporting."  There's
> clearly a paucity of radio gigs left where you can even consider
> living a "normal" life:  2.3 kids, Briggs & Stratten 3.5 hp in the
> 2.3 stall garage, cash for the occasional premium beverage, perhaps
> cable or dish, shoes for the kids and some clink or swoosh in the
> collection plate.  And yes, many would do radio for free and,
> dadgum, it sure reflects that energy as we toil our way around the
> dial (no offense to Burl/Plats market players....) <cough>
> Bill O'Neill