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RE: Entercom imposes contract on AFTRA

Tony writes:
> I still do radio for free [!] and I make a fraction of
> that working as a
> newspaper editor. I would gladly read radio news for $43,000.

It's not about the "read."  It's about the "reporting."  There's
clearly a paucity of radio gigs left where you can even consider
living a "normal" life:  2.3 kids, Briggs & Stratten 3.5 hp in the
2.3 stall garage, cash for the occasional premium beverage, perhaps
cable or dish, shoes for the kids and some clink or swoosh in the
collection plate.  And yes, many would do radio for free and,
dadgum, it sure reflects that energy as we toil our way around the
dial (no offense to Burl/Plats market players....) <cough>

Bill O'Neill