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Re: Job consolidation at the top

Joseph Pappalardo said:
> I think WNEW is in the predicament of being in a big market owned by a
> big company...and there are too many cooks making the soup.

Yes, yes, yes, that's also always been my impression. I believe part of the
reason Karmazin bought 102.7 in the first place was to protect WXRK (which
was still then classic rock).

> I had
> heard a few years ago that Stern was upset at 'NEW's choice of a
> morning show....as he didn't want anyone competing...with a similar
> act.  I had heard he griped directly to Mel.
> So...WNEW (the hot talker) could put on the morning show because WXRK's
> (Triple A?) morning show would be miffed.  (???)   ...and that seems to
> be the reason WNEW always had lackluster morning shows.

WXRK is alternative or active rock, I forget which and I think they've even
had some confusion/indecisiveness on the matter. I actually kind of agree
with Stern to an extent on this, he has brought Infinity hundreds of
millions through syndication and billing on its stations, why should they
be trying to cannibolize his audience? (The Sports Guys show, which is the
show in question, wasn't an all that entertaining combination of Stern-
imitation, scores and strippers, either.)

> I always wondered why the just didn't put move Stern over to WNEW.

They tried, especially around the time of his last negotiation, and Stern