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Re: Re:Clear Channel cuts do include on air positions

  Dan Billings wrote:

>In Bangor, you have Steven King's stations which are locally operated and
>free of any concern about making a profit. WZON does much more local
>programming than your typical small market sports station.  I don't know
>much about WKIT, but I assume they are not a cookie cutter station.

Not sure what a cookie cutter station is, but the last time I was up that 
way (last fall) they sounded like a fairly generic AOR to me.

You're also talking about a pair of stations owned by a (rather eccentric) 
man who has more money than he can possibly ever spend.  While they do 
appear to be run as a business, I doubt he cares if they make money for him 
or not...he just wants to own some radio stations.  I'm sure those stations 
would be run quite differently if he had to receive a reasonable return on 
investment.  Wasn't he the one who installed a heavy-metal format on 620 
back in the mid 80s and kept it there for several years even though he 
couldn't give away ad time?

>Clear Channel and Cumulus own everything else in the market.  The marginal
>signals, in several cases, are now used to simulcast other stations in the
>group and to provide wider coverage so they serve some purpose.  Without
>consolidation, several of the signals would not be economically viable.
>-- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine