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Re: Re:Clear Channel cuts do include on air positions

There are also 2 CPs for FMs in Eastern Maine, which although not
assigned to Bangor, could cover portions of the Bangor market.  The
first is for Milbridge on 93.7. This is licensed to an individual from
Wisconsin according to the FCC Database. The transmiter would be located
on Ray's Point in Milbridge. It is a pristine,quiet undeveloped section
of coastline inhabited by small summer cottages, which I find unlikely
would tolerate a two-hundred foot radio tower. This CP has been active
since 1996, and only last summer was the CP transferred to the present
owner. Previously it had been held by the former owner of WMDI Bar
Harbor (Now WBQI), and WAKN (now WNSX).  I seriously doubt this station
will make it to the air. If it does, it will probably only be if the
license is bought by one of the "big boys" ( say CC/Cumulus?)  to round
out their Bangor/DownEast portfolio.

The other CP, which was recently allowed to expire is for 101.1 in
Machias. It had been granted the calls WBEO a couple of years ago, but
due to poor economic conditons in the Machias/Washington County area the
former owner allowed it to expire, although according to the FCC
database, the permit is still active.

In all honesty, the only really live and local station in DownEast Maine
is WQDY AM/FM in Calais. Although not as hometown sounding as it used to
be, the station still features local news and sports and sounds like it
is manned most of the time.   WALZ 95.3 Machias maintains local
programming during the morning, but after 10AM it is a simulcast of WQDY

I noticed last night, while band-scanning, that WBYA 105.5 "The Bay"
from Islesboro is no longer featuring their unique jazz/swing/big-band
sounds. they are now airing "The Music of Your Life" satellite feed.
As I understand it, WBYA, along with co-owned WQSS 102.5 Camden,
formerly part of Gopher Hill Communications, was bought out by CC last
year; sort of the same deal that allowed Concord Media's WGUY to become
part of CC's Bangor cluster.

Rod O'Connor
Southwest Harbor, Maine