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Re: Mark Jurkowitz and Globe on NPR Mideast Covergae

At 05:43 PM 1/15/2003 -0500, Laurence Glavin wrote:
>On Monday Jan. 13, there was a symposium on NPR's coverage of Mideast news 
>at Temple
>Emmanuel in Boston.  Mark Jurkowitz of the Globe covered it;  the high-level
>representatives of NPR  apparently didn't put up much of a case vas-a-vis the
>audience members.
>Read all about it at:
>As always, remember Globe articles can be deleted before the end of the day.

This is interesting...because normally anyone who attacks WBUR so directly 
is opening themselves up to "The Wrath of Jane".  Remember the "expose" on 
her in the Globe back in...1999 I think...and I think that was Mark's work 
as well, wasn't it?   I remember all of us at WBUR thought Jane got off 
light in that article, whereas all our friends who didn't work at WBUR were 
telling us "I never knew it was so bad...how do you stand working there?!?".

Anyways, according to Mark's report on the Jan.13th symposium...she seemed 
downright meek.   What gives?

BTW, tell me again why WGBH hasn't been dragged through the mud like WBUR 
has?  They air Morning Edition and All Things Considered, too....as well as 
being the host for the BBC's "The World"?    I know WGBH isn't thought of 
as "news-y" a station as WBUR but it seems they ought to be held to at 
least the comparable standards if not the same punishment.

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