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Re: Commercials 103.3

At 11:22 PM 9/29/2002, Joseph Pappalardo wrote:
>Listen to Kiss 108 overnight?  Same clock as during the day...and still sold

IMHO that is due more to Clear Channel's clout as a massive license-holder 
and a billboard-owner.  By which I mean CC has forced advertisers to pay 
more to buy packages that fill the entire schedule...by not offering 
packages that allow sponsors to buy just daytime spots.   Not quite 
monopoly abuse...but close enough in my book.

Quick side note - when I was up in Montreal in March I couldn't resist 
swinging by some of the local studios and they were quite gracious to 
me.  Offered a tour and we swapped stories about how radio is done on both 
sides of the border.  When I noticed that I hadn't heard a lot of 
commercials in the hour or so I was there my counterpart remarked that he 
was recently dismayed by how they've increased their commercial load to 
about 15 minutes per hour.  I chuckled and told him the standard was more 
like 21 or 22 minutes in Boston.  He was aghast, but he thanked me for 
providing a little perspective to Canadian radio  ;-)

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