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Re: Diner show, (was WCAP Happenings)

The pre-6:00 AM hour is also on Langer's WJLT-650 in Ashland, which simulcasts 
WSRO during much of the broadcast day--but not from 6:00 AM to around 2:00 PM. 
During those hours, WJLT runs brokered religion.

When WJLT goes to its full 250W at sunrise, it's a much easier catch than WSRO 
in most of greater Boston. Unfortunately, at this time of year, that doesn't 
help in picking up the show you were speaking of. However, during the few days 
from the end of daylight savings time to the end of October, WJLT should be 
powering up at 5:30.
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> The show is called "The American Breakfast Radio Show" with Phil Paleologos
> and is now on the Langer Broadcast Network. WEIM carries the first hour 5-6
> a.m., at 6 we go local with Ray "C". WSRO in Marloborough (a Langer-owned
> station) carries the whole show 5 - 9 a.m.. If you are interested, the
> following link shows the "coast to coast" affiliates.
> http://www.dinershow.com/affiliate.html