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RE: Re: WUNH-FM Off the Air

  Aaron 'Bishop' Read wrote:
>Leaving a dead-carrier (transmitter on, no programming) is indeed 
>illegal.   If no one is in the studio, you must shut down the transmitter 
>- UNLESS you have established the protocols for running unattended.  That 
>A: you must have a minimum of 20 hours of programming per week
>B: you must have a means of automatically relaying/generating EAS alerts & 
>tests (but not the weather ones I don't think - 90% sure of that)
>C: you must have a means of raising/lowering power on the transmitter remotely
>D: the system must be set up to contact a live person (via pager or 
>cellphone) in case of a transmitter problem

D is absolutely incorrect.  The FCC rules clearly state that a cellphone is 
NOT a valid remote control point.  A station must designate, and inform the 
FCC of any remote control points used...a fixed street address (no PO box) 
and phone # must be provided.