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Dead carriers and automation

     In these days of Winamp players and Sine-Systems
remote controls, there is NO reason for ANY college
radio station to shut-down for the semester breaks. 
Two stations that I am very proud of engineering NEVER
leave the air (WBIM-FM at Bridgewater State College
and WSHL-FM at Stonehill College).  Both stations are
24/7 year round.  WBIM-FM provides TIC (programming
for the visually impaired) during breaks and
overnights (soon to have automated music overnights). 
WSHL-FM provides automated music during breaks and the
TIC on weekends.      Both use automated hourly legal
ID's using the Sine-Systems remote control firing a
cart machine. I can take readings with any touch tone
phone.  The Sine-Systems remote will call me if any
readings seem out of whack.  I can adjust the power or
simply take the transmitter off the air.  I can also
change the audio source with the Sine Systems remote. 
The cost for the remote,  about $1200. The computers
are nothing more than the typical regular
off-the-shelf unit at about $800-$900 a pop.  Both
stations have a warm standby transmitters in case of
any failure.  We have people (campus police) ready to
get to the stations within 3 minutes of any
catastrophic failure to turn them off, if need be. 
Both are fully EAS equipped as well.
     The rules have NOT changed.  It is totally
ILLEGAL to run any dead carrier without any hourly
legal identification.  Let's face it.  Getting an FM
license is a privilage, not a right.  Use them wisely
folks.  Someone else would love to have the
opportunity for themselves. 


Peter Q. George (K1XRB)

Peter Q. George (K1XRB)
Whitman, Massachusetts
                           "Scanning the bands since 1967"

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