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protest at WSM HQ draws sneer from station owner

It doesn't look good for WSM.  Management opined that protestors
against the planned format change were, well, just not the right
sort of people.


> For its part, Gaylord Entertainment, which owns the station,
> could point out that -- despite being widely publicized -- the
> rally drew no more than 100 demonstrators at any one time and
> that it was made up entirely of middle-age or older white
> people, not one of the more desirable demographic units for
> radio advertisers.

You can tell that Hollywood types have taken over when the
spokesman for a country music entertainment company has the
flaming chutzpah to sneer at people for being too middle-aged
and too white.

Considering that most of Gaylord's businesses (Opryland and its
hotels, Acuff-Rose Music Publishing, etc.) are related to
country music, this would seem to be an insult to their prime

--RC, yeah I'm a middle-aged white guy, what's it to ya.

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