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RE: Re: WUNH-FM Off the Air

Steve Ordinetz wrote,

> Yes, technically you can control a transmitter with a
> cell phone, but the FCC does not consider it a legitimate
> control point.

I think you are still misreading it.

>> D: the system must be set up to contact a live person (via
>> pager or cellphone) in case of a transmitter problem

Let's say Joe Bloe is CE and one night the xmtr shuts down
(local power outage?), triggering a recorded message to Joe's
cell phone that the xmtr's off-line.
All "D" is saying is that the cell phone message is contacting
"Joe" about a problem, *NOT* attempting any remote control of
the xmtr.
The cell phone is *contacting a PERSON*, not adjusting equipment.
I *can* see the FCC's reasoning, given that a cell call could
conceivably scramble a data stream as a call changes cells in
mid control-coding, resulting in the electronic commands
being FUBAR.


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