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RE: Re: WUNH-FM Off the Air

Kaimbridge M. GoldChild wrote:
>Steve Ordinetz wrote,
> >  Aaron 'Bishop' Read wrote:
>           <snip>
> >> D: the system must be set up to contact a live person (via pager
>                                    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> >> or cellphone) in case of a transmitter problem
> >
> >
> > D is absolutely incorrect.  The FCC rules clearly state that a
> > cellphone is NOT a valid remote control point.  A station must
>                            ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> > designate, and inform the FCC of any remote control points used
>Aren't we talking apples and oranges?
>Unless I'm suffering a brain cramp, "contacting a live person"
>doesn't sound anything like being a "remote control point".

Not really.  Presumably there is a person at this remote control point who 
can remotely control the transmitter.  Cell phones or pagers are not 
considered remote control points by the FCC.  Yes, technically you can 
control a transmitter with a cell phone, but the FCC does not consider it a 
legitimate control point.  I didn't make the rules.