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WUNH Seems to be back but perhaps NOT 24/7

Ah timing!  Later in the day after my post, WUNH popped up for a while,
but when I got home after midnight Saturday, it was off again.  It seemed to
me previously that the station ran 24/7, like WERS in Boston, during sessions
and vacations.  It's on now (Sunday, 01/13/02 @ 2:00pm)...but for the past
few days, it has not been broadcasting between 5:30 am and 6:00 when I  get
up.  (My habit is to listen to "Morning Edition" on 'BUR or 'GBH to avoid
commercials, and from time to time I also check to see if WJUL is on
the air or some
other 91.5; this means I'm into radio foraging immediately after waking up...
is there a 12-step program for such people?)

I got an e-mail questioning how I could receive WNYE-FM 91.5 when that dial-spot
is empty.  It's been a regular occurence over the years, and the weak 91.5's 
in Massachusetts, RI and CT don't seem to have an effect on it.  And it's
not usually due to skip;  it happens in all seasons and all weather conditions even when I'm not getting other 200-mile-distant stations.
Up in the commerical band, stations on frequencies adjacent to or the
same as NYC frquencies all seem to use auxiliary transmitters.  During
the interregnum when WXHR-FM 96.9 became WJIB-FM, the 96.9 frquency 
was silent for a few days, and I remember being able to pick up the
station in Montreal on 96.9!

Laurence Glavin