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Re: Memo to WSM

It looks like WSM will remain Country after all.  Gaylord CEO Colin Reed
announced that the station will be undergoing some major re-tooling, but it
would keep it's country format, and it would continue to air the Grand Ol'
Opry.  It looks like the petitions from listeners around the world and the
protests from the country music community had an impact and helped to save
the station.  Either that or it was a cleverly planned publicity stunt.....

Mike Thomas

Bill O'Neill wrote:

> I dropped WSM this note at their website, wsmonline.  For what it's
> worth, I don't think I've ever taken the time.
> >>I have family in Clarksville. While there last week, unfortunately for
> a funeral of a young nephew, I took great comfort in listening to what
> has to be one of the best radio stations I've heard in a very long time.
> Twenty years in and out of radio in the Boston area, now out of the biz,
> I can't "listen" easily to radio, due the scourge of "analyzing" radio
> whenever the switch is flipped.  I was able to "listen" to WSM.   WSM is
> well voiced, packaged, mixed and emblazened with American heritage at a
> deeply moving time in our American history, in the making.  To flip to
> bird-droppings and walk away from those "middle aged whites" infered in
> published reports will be a poor miscalculation by Gaylord and a loss
> for a chunk of America.
> Thank you for the time.  Bill O'Neill, Shoreham, VT.<<