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WNEF reception

Tonight at 4 am I picked up WNEF (91.7 Newburyport,
// WUMB 91.9) at my home in Beverly, rather well.
(WMWM is off air from midnight to 7 am.) You could
tell it was the same program emanating from WUMB on
both stations; great reception at 91.9 and fairly
good reception on 91.7. Supposedly WNEF is pointing
their signal away from Salem to protect WMWM, and
when WMWM is on-air it's probably not noticeable.

But WNEF did come in fairly well here, with WMWM
off-air...so if WMWM should turn off (either at
midnight or "if a DJ doesn't show up" before then),
you'd still get a pretty good signal at 91.7, only
this time it would be the new Newburyport translator

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