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Question about legal IDs

Last night I noticed WUMB did a legal ID for itself
its translators and they said "91.7 WNEF Newburyport-
Amesbury". OK, I know 'NEF is licensed to Newburyport
and their antenna is in Amesbury, and there are other
stations whose legal IDs mention their city of license
followed by the city where their antenna is:

WROR Framingham- Boston (antenna on top of the Pru)
and, in the early 90s:
WNSH Beverly- Hamilton (from when their studios
and antenna were on Willlow St. in Hamilton)

BUT why doesn't WKLB ID as WKLB Lowell- Andover,
if that's the case? No, they say "WKLB Lowell-Boston".
And if the second city named says where the antenna
is, why don't we hear "WBZ Boston- Hull"?
"WQSX Lawrence- Peabody"?

I have heard cases where you hear the city of license
followed by the bigger city they're "serving". "WQSX
Lawrence- Boston" and "WKLB Lowell- Boston" are
examples of that. It's almost as if they WANT to
say "WQSX Boston" and "WKLB Boston" but the FCC
wants them to have the actual city of license put
in right after the call letters.

So is it:
Call letters/ City of License/ Bigger city being


Call Letters/ City of License/ City where antenna

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