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Re: Question about legal IDs

It's Call Letters/ City of License/ Anyplace they want.

Quoting Bob Nelson <bobonradio@yahoo.com>:

> Last night I noticed WUMB did a legal ID for itself
> and
> its translators and they said "91.7 WNEF Newburyport-
> Amesbury". OK, I know 'NEF is licensed to Newburyport
> and their antenna is in Amesbury, and there are other
> stations whose legal IDs mention their city of license
> followed by the city where their antenna is:
> WROR Framingham- Boston (antenna on top of the Pru)
> and, in the early 90s:
> WNSH Beverly- Hamilton (from when their studios
> and antenna were on Willlow St. in Hamilton)
> BUT why doesn't WKLB ID as WKLB Lowell- Andover,
> if that's the case? No, they say "WKLB Lowell-Boston".
> And if the second city named says where the antenna
> is, why don't we hear "WBZ Boston- Hull"?
> "WQSX Lawrence- Peabody"?
> I have heard cases where you hear the city of license
> followed by the bigger city they're "serving". "WQSX
> Lawrence- Boston" and "WKLB Lowell- Boston" are
> examples of that. It's almost as if they WANT to
> say "WQSX Boston" and "WKLB Boston" but the FCC
> wants them to have the actual city of license put
> in right after the call letters.
> So is it:
> Call letters/ City of License/ Bigger city being
> served
> OR
> Call Letters/ City of License/ City where antenna
> is...
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Keith Fornal
Dutch Island Lighthouse Society