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Re: Question about legal IDs

--- Keith Fornal <kfornal@loa.com> wrote:
> It's Call Letters/ City of License/ Anyplace they
> want.

Ah! That would explain the practice (at least in the
past) of WORK Barre, VT, which said: "WORK Barre-
Montpelier- (and about 5 other towns in the area)"

But why wouldn't WNEF say, "WNEF Newburyport-
Portsmouth" (am assuming their signal easily reaches
Portsmouth), as Portsmouth's a bigger city than

Oddly enough, in various past incarnations of WNSH
they gave the calls, city of license, and the
city where their studios were at the time, making
one think that "studio location" mattered in the
legal ID:

WNSH Beverly- Danvers
(and before that, WBVD Beverly- Danvers)
WNSH Beverly- Salem
WNSH Beverly- Hamilton

(and now that they're at Endicott College it's
just plain "Beverly")

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