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Re: WLOB TV ad

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Sent: Monday, January 14, 2002 9:59 PM
Subject: Re: WLOB TV ad

> Dan wrote:
> >>I just saw a television ad with Bud Sawyer promoting his morning show on
> WLOB.  The ad ran during the news on WCSH-TV.  <<
> Chuck wrote:
>   they're either giving the time away, or JJ's rolling the dice on this
> i think it's the latter

I agree.  I doubt WCSH would trade ads during the news with WLOB.  WCSH has
no trouble selling those spots and they're not cheap.

>   so how was the ad?  i was pre-occupied during the 6pm news.

It was OK.  It was a quick 15 second spot and was mostly a shot of Bud
delivering the message about his show.  It was a few seconds into the ad
before I realized what it was.

On a related note: the link below will take you to a letter in today's
Lewiston Sun Journal lamenting the loss of local radio in Lewiston/Auburn.
I worked with the author of the letter at WLAM, way back in 1987.  Our new
co-worker at 420 Western Avenue, Donna Steele, was there at that time, too.


-- Dan Billings. Bowdoinham, Maine