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Memo to WSM

I dropped WSM this note at their website, wsmonline.  For what it's
worth, I don't think I've ever taken the time.

>>I have family in Clarksville. While there last week, unfortunately for
a funeral of a young nephew, I took great comfort in listening to what
has to be one of the best radio stations I've heard in a very long time.
Twenty years in and out of radio in the Boston area, now out of the biz,
I can't "listen" easily to radio, due the scourge of "analyzing" radio
whenever the switch is flipped.  I was able to "listen" to WSM.   WSM is
well voiced, packaged, mixed and emblazened with American heritage at a
deeply moving time in our American history, in the making.  To flip to
bird-droppings and walk away from those "middle aged whites" infered in
published reports will be a poor miscalculation by Gaylord and a loss
for a chunk of America.

Thank you for the time.  Bill O'Neill, Shoreham, VT.<<