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RE: protest at WSM HQ draws sneer from station owner

> A friend of mine in Nashville could probably write a book
> about Gaylord's
> mismanagement of their various properties over the last 5-10
> years.  It's
> not a pretty story.  But the fact remains that music on AM is
> a hard sell
> these days.  It doesn't matter if the technology can or can't
> deliver on
> fidelity - the simple truth is that most people equate AM
> with news and
> talk; for music they turn to FM, if they turn to radio at all.
> -Shawn Mamros

The locals I spoke with all said about the same about Gaylord.  One said
that when he bought the Opry and WSM, many were doubtful he'd take it
this distance.  As to the AM fidelity, etc., I am not sure that's the
issue.  Local talk in TN, even on competing stations discussing this,
was a derision at the WSM (AM&FM) sales staff "incompetence at selling
the AM" almost as if it's an afterthought.  Classic Country as a format
is a tough niche, as a whole, but if you can't sell it from it's
universally accepted core, then you have to believe that Sales are just
phoning it in.

Bill O'Neill