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Re: WODS jingles, songs-in-a-row

Don't believe most of what you read about the "meaning" of legacy call
signs. In most cases. the calls were sequentially assigned by the FCC and
someone at the station came up with words to go with the call sign. I did it
myself at my college station, WRPI, which I decided stood for "Why radio
proves indispensible."

We were carrier current in those days (FM didn't happen until after I
graduated), and when everything was working properly (which happened
occasionally) could be heard only in the dorms. I was quite proud of the
slogan/positioner, which made perfect sense to me (we had a "full-service"
format--but then, so did almost all stations in those days--50 years ago).
Nobody else on the staff thought it made any sense, though. Remember, this
was before the breakdown of the clear channels. Campus-limited
carrier-current stations in the east were mostly on 640; there was no WNNZ
or WWJZ. So the positioner went, "Stay turned to 640 and you'll find out why
radio proves indispensible, WRPI." I have to admit (now) that it was really
corny, but it rhymed and everything.

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> I just read in "FM: The Rise and Fall of Rock Radio" by Richard Neer, that
> KHJ stands for "Kindness, Happiness, and Joy."  :)