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RE: Re: WUNH-FM Off the Air

Laurence writes:
>  I saw that post too;  but I've also been to the restaurant
> of the Andover Inn on the
> Phillips Academy campus, and it's completely deserted during
> breaks.  >

And to think that's the sole reason that WJUL (91.5 Lowell) had to be
directional FM (one of the first ever in the mid-70s.)  WJUL may be
sparce in it's on-air time (not sure why given it's affiliation with the
TIC) but WPAA is blowing a dead carrier almost _every_ time I am in the
area and tool over to that frequency.  (How many on the FCC went to
Philips again? Help me with the numbers.  Any U.S. Presidents?  Anyone?
Bueller?  Anyone?)

Bill O'Neill