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Re: Good Hub FM Raception

And good reception seems to work in reverse as well.  When I visited my
parents at their home in Beverly about three years ago, I was able to get
WFCR (88.5 FM) in Amherst on my car radio in the driveway, and WTIC (96.5
FM) in Hartford on a GE Superadio II in the house.
When I was much younger and lived in Beverly, back in perhaps the mid to
late 1960s, I used to listen all night long to a national call-in show
hosted by a guy named Herb Jebco (sp?) on KSL (1160 AM?) out of Salt Lake
City.  And I used to be able to get WHO (1040 AM) out of Des Moines, which
really surprised me, considering I was only 21 miles north of Boston where
WBZ was.

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> On 25 Nov 2001 at 11:04, Brian Anastasi wrote:
> > This is my first-ever post, so I hope I'm doing this right.  I live in
> > Amherst out here in western Mass., 18-20 miles north of where Adam lives
> > down in Chicopee.
> I remember you -- you're the guy who called in a couple of times when I
did a show in the WMUA
> reunion a couple of years ago -- then sent me a tape of the show, which I
have enjoyed playing
> for people from time to time.  Welcome!
> This way, I am able to get every single
> > Boston FM station, except for 96.9 and 104.1, every single day of the
> > year.  No big deal.  Now getting them on a walkman, that's another
> > story....  :)
> I think Boston-area FM stations must be more powerful now than they were
when I was a student
> at UMass in the mid-1960s.  These days, I can get a number of Boston-area
FM stations on my
> car radio.  Back then, I couldn't get any.  But WFCR reached to at least
the Western suburbs.
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