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Re: Hub TV in Western Mass....

Well, I live in Amherst out here in western Mass.  I watched Acting Governor
Jane Swift's address back in October on NECN, which is part of my town's
BASIC cable service.  (meaning I only get the broadcast channels)  Since
AT&T Broadband provides cable for most of the cities and towns out here, I
assume that most places also have NECN as part of their basic cable, and
therefore would have been able to watch her speech.

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> On Thu, 29 Nov 2001 01:41:13 -0500 Mark Laurence
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> >
> >
> > A western Mass. lawmaker wants to force local cable companies to
> > carry
> > Boston TV stations, because he says the local stations don't air
> > enough
> > news to protect the safety of his constituents.  Specifically they
> >
>  didn't carry a speech by Acting Gov. Swift in the beginning of
> > October.
>                 >snip<
> >Boston TV stations will cover his area's local news
> > approximately
> > zero times per year.
> >
> I agree with Mark, it would be interesting to see the argument the
> attorney uses considering Boston TV rarely covers Boston City Hall.  What
> makes anyone think they will cover LOCAL news in Western Mass?  As for
> the Acting Governor's address in October I am sure that NECN covered it
> live, and if so,  it WAS on the local cable,  if he wants to go after the
> local broadcasters for not covering it I think that would be a different
> issue.
> df