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Re: Good Hub FM Raception

I think his name was Jepco and the program was called 
Nightlight or something like that. Perhaps it originated 
at KSL. Don't know, but it was carried on a network (at 
first, a network assembled expressly to carry the show, 
then later--if I recall--on Mutual). I believe that 
Jepco was the first overnight call-in host on a 
nationwide network. I think that Jepco was replaced on 
Mutual by Long John Nebel, then, after Nebel's death, by 
Nebel's widow, and then by Larry King. Now, was the next 
host Jim Bohannon or was there yet another host after 
King and before Bohannon? And of course, after the 
demise of Mutual, the program moved to one of Westwood 
I's networks, but as I recall, Westwood owned Mutual at 
the time Mutual was put permanently to sleep.
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> in perhaps the mid to
> late 1960s, I used to listen all night long to a national call-in show
> hosted by a guy named Herb Jebco (sp?) on KSL (1160 AM?) out of Salt Lake
> City.