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Re: What's JJ up to?

Chris noted:
>>If you want to talk about a waste of signal, what about the duplicated
programming on 870 and 106.7?  870 doesn't provide coverage anywhere 106.7
can't already be heard, and they alienated thousands of listeners when they
dumped nostalgia on both stations.<<

Amen to that.  the nostalgia format was really hitting its stride and had a
very loyal
audience.  shame that, in the interest of calling 'em as we see 'em, the
addition of
another talk station was deemed more important than a very strong,
demo.  cuz as we all know, Portland already had two talk stations. (SARCASM
injected here, just in case it was missed.)  then when 870
went "news-talk" (which is talk in morning drive and then again for a little
in the
afternoon and maybe in the evening with network newsfeeds pieced together in
blocks to fill in the gaps), that actually allowed a station like Bob B's
WJTO to maybe
garner a few more listeners, as well as 1400 WIDE and, without a doubt,
Saga's 1490
WBAE.   the listeners of the old 870 music format, however, have indeed
found the
alternative music stations.  what they want is Bud Sawyer.  they miss him.
some have
joking said they'll move to Lewiston to hear him.

- -Chuck Igo