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Re: What's JJ up to?

IMHO there's a significant gap in the Portland North area where neither 96.3
nor 95.9 provide reliable coverage (this may change a bit with WRED's new
facilities - which are as yet unbuilt - and until they are this is mere
speculation anyway.)  95.9/95.5 makes much more sense (or, better yet,
95.5/95.9/96.3, which would *really* provide seamless coverage of southern
and central Maine.)  BTW, is 96.3 operating at full licensed power?  I seem
to recall that WWMR provided much better coverage, but that was then...

If you want to talk about a waste of signal, what about the duplicated
programming on 870 and 106.7?  870 doesn't provide coverage anywhere 106.7
can't already be heard, and they alienated thousands of listeners when they
dumped nostalgia on both stations.

Take care,