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Re: What's JJ up to?

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From: "Chris Beckwith" <beckwith@ime.net>
To: <bri@bostonradio.org>
Sent: Sunday, November 18, 2001 6:47 PM
Subject: Re: What's JJ up to?

> If you want to talk about a waste of signal, what about the duplicated
> programming on 870 and 106.7?  870 doesn't provide coverage anywhere 106.7
> can't already be heard, and they alienated thousands of listeners when
> dumped nostalgia on both stations.

I don't understand why WMTW switched to talk on 870 and 106.7, while keeping
the nostalgia format alive on 1470.  It would have made more sense if they
switched all three stations to save on programming expenses.  Why not switch
the AMs to talk and keep music on 106.7?  Or keep music on 106.7 and 1470?
Either move would have kept the format alive in Portland and still allowed
them to launch talk on 870.

By the way -- is 106.7 listenable on the Portland peninsula?

Another thought -- AM 900 in Brunswick would be a good simulcast partner for
WMTW. 106.7 is barely listenable in the Brunswick area and 870 is not much
better.  AM 900 would help them in that area, which is part of the Portland

-- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine