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Re: more ad intrusions

 Bill O'Neill wrote:

I recall
> WHAV (1490 Haverhill) with .."Karelis Jewelers time, twelve o'clock.
> K-A-R-E-L-I-S Karelis."

And I spelled it many times in 3 and a half years of part time WHAV duty.
Top of every hour from 6AM to 12 Noon 7 days a week. In the live ad copy
folder they had copy for each hour (6, 7, etc) that we were supposed to read
from. ( I never did, I bet most everyone else didn't either). One Sunday
morning I got a call from the GM who tore me apart because I didn't read the
Karelis time check off the copy. "Karelis Jewelers time is 8AM.
K-A-R-E-L-I-S Karelis. Karelis Jewelers, Downtown Haverhill." I had said
Karelis Jewelers IN Downtown Haverhill. Yes, I was torn apart on an early
Sunday AM because the word 'In" was not on the copy. Geez, I wonder if
Mr.Karelis was as upset as the station GM?

Mark Watson