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Re: more ad intrusions

How about this.  WWZZ in Washington DC, an adult-leaning CHR station,
sold the NAMING rights to their morning show to McDonalds!  They now
have to call the morning program the "McDonalds morning show with
_________and __________on Z-104!"

Also, some of the big corporations are experimenting with playing full
songs as "extended commercials!"  The record company buys the time to
"showcase" a song that the station has already added.  The song plays
just before a stopset, but it's intro'ed and outro'ed by pre-recorded
announcements saying it's being "brought to you" by _________Records,
and the CD can be purchased at____________, etc.

Considering the fledging economy and the highly-leveraged nature of
these broadcasting companies, one must wonder what other
"non-traditional revenue" sources they'll come up with.....

Mike Thomas

Matthew Osborne wrote:

> This is happening already.  At my former employer in
> Rochester, you have "WBEE's **Roadrunner** Traffic"
> every morning and afternoon drive.  Each report starts
> out with something of this nature-- "WBEE Roadrunner
> Traffic.  <insert sales pitch for Roadrunner internet
> service here>  Now here's <name of traffic
> reporter>..."