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Re: more ad intrusions

On Sat, 27 Oct 2001 Bob Nelson wrote:
> And such ad intrusion is all over radio, too;


> We may soon wind up hearing (if we don't hear them
> already...):
> "And now here's the New England Ford Dealers Traffic
> Report."
> "Here's the Staples stock report..."
>  "This song sponsored by Budweiser."

This is happening already.  At my former employer in
Rochester, you have "WBEE's **Roadrunner** Traffic"
every morning and afternoon drive.  Each report starts
out with something of this nature-- "WBEE Roadrunner
Traffic.  <insert sales pitch for Roadrunner internet
service here>  Now here's <name of traffic
    And Rochester is not the only place where this is
happening, its happening everywhere.  Welcome to 21st
Century marketing and sales...
                            Matt Osborne
                            Hyde Park, NY

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