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more ad intrusions

TV has a way to superimpose an ad on the backdrop
behind home plate in ballgames; if you're at the park,
you don't see the "Giant Glass" ad, but TV viewers
do. Generally, during All Star Games and the World
Series, there is no ad displayed, only the logo for
Major League Baseball. And this year during the
first playoff rounds, all that was seen was indeed
that logo.

Tonight, Fox's World Series game 1 coverage featured
ads on the backdrops again--promoting Fox shows like
"Boston Public" and "The Tick". Sigh; more ad
(though Fox did pay big bucks for the baseball playoff
contract...) You already see ads for these shows
between innings. Now you see them during the game.
(Along with cut-ins: "Don't forget to catch Boston
Public, blah-blah-blah... oh by the way, you just
missed a Craig Counsell home run while we were
mentioning that...")

Not the first time I've seen such ad/promo intrusions.
Think I was watching the "Wingspan" special on ABC
and Ch. 5 had an animated graphic on the lower left
part of the screen promoting their newscast. Not any
urgent news bulletin; just a generic promo.

And such ad intrusion is all over radio, too; witness
the inclusion of brand names during sports coverage.
We may soon wind up hearing (if we don't hear them

"And now here's the New England Ford Dealers Traffic

"Here's the Staples stock report..."

"This song sponsored by Budweiser."


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